How To Improve Your Reading Skills

In this lesson you will learn how 7 methods to help you improve your reading skills.


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~Teacher Tiffani’


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Siddig Muss Ali
4 years ago

Teacher tiffani.
You are helping a wide number of people over the globe. I appreciate.

4 years ago

Hello teacher Tiffani. I am Meysllela from Venezuela and I enjoyed a lot all the material and information in this lesson (and the others) because is very useful, interesting and didactic. I was studying English for some years. Recently, I finished my course but I do not want to forget the language, so I need to practice and all these lessons are a good chance for me. Moreover, I am trying to read more and more. I am so grateful and glad for your lessons.

4 years ago

Hello Teacher Tiffani,

I’m so happy I can get your lessons. I really enjoy and there are very useful.
Thanks a lot. I appreciate.

4 years ago

Madam you are nice !!!

4 years ago

Good morning Teacher.
I also loved your teaching methods and topics which one I found so important.
I tried lots of video lessons,but most of them is garbage and when I face up with yours I just shocked.
Thanks a lot and keep going on your way!))

Christie Love
Christie Love
2 years ago

thank you Tiffani for sending infomation about IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH READING SKILLS
IN FACT, I would like receiving weekly readings. with questions to answer and a key if possible.
I do appreciate your patience..

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