Say These 2 Things In Every English Conversation

This lesson will teach you the 2 things that must be included in every English conversation. After watching this lesson you will be able to speak more confidently in English.


Give your opinion + Give your personal experience



“It’s true. It’s very true. You know, what’s interesting though? And again, I think you probably have recognized this as well, being overseas and having a lot of your close friends back at home… Even with the time difference and not being able to talk on the phone, for the individuals that do take the time to either respond to your audio messages or keep that communication open, it really does make a difference. I know one of my friends, she and I, we were close prior to me going to Korea, but we got even closer during my time in Korea because she kept communicating. So it wasn’t like, “Oh, you’re gone. See you when you get back”. It was like, “No, no, even though you’re gone, I still want to communicate with you”. So, the people I stayed in contact with, we got even closer. So yeah, I think it, the messages do make a difference too.”


“That’s surprising because I think it’s quite easy to like drift apart from people when you are farther apart. And like to keep the lines of communication open and communicate, even more, that’s rare. I’m in contact with people, but it’s like on Facebook, on Instagram and there are some friends I have on WhatsApp and I speak with them. But, I think that, yeah, our communication has decreased honestly. So that’s really nice that you had that experience with your friend. Cause yeah, it’s uncommon. It’s rare.”


  1. Time difference: the difference in standard time between places in different time zones
    • “What’s the time difference between Japan and New York?”
  2. Make a difference : have a significant effect on a person or situation
    • “The scholarship fund made a difference in a lot of people’s lives.”
  3. Prior to : before a particular time or event
    • “Make sure all revisions are approved by the author prior to publication.”
  4. Drift apart [Phrasal Verb] : Slowly cease to be close to or friends with someone; lose personal contact over time
    • “The two women, who had been friends since school, drifted apart after they started work.”
  5. Keep the lines of communication open : a means by which information may be transmitted from one person to another
    • “The couple made an agreement to always keep the lines of communication open.”
  6. Rare : not occurring very often; seldom occurring or found
    • “The museum is full of rare and precious treasures.”
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Jalees Ahmed
Jalees Ahmed
2 years ago

My suggestion is to you that you make your own app . It’s helpful for the peoples.

2 years ago

Hi,teacher hows it going
I would Love to praticing english conversation with you , i really Love the way you teach english . Btw are you on cambly as well . I’m from Brasil , this beautiful place full of happeness even though …..

Lazare Bizoza
Lazare Bizoza
2 years ago

I’m intersted to hear you teacher

2 years ago

What is the time difference between Alaska and Milan?

2 years ago

Thank you

2 years ago

What’ s the time difference between Malta and Côte d’Ivoire?

melhor código de indicac~ao da binance

Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.

29 days ago

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