5 English Idioms To Use In Real Life

Ok, so by now I’m sure you’ve heard of idioms, right? Idioms are those tricky, sometimes weird, sayings that have a meaning, but their meaning isn’t really deducible from the actual words in the phrase. Trust me, I know just exactly how confusing that sounds. So, let me break it down a little better for Read more about 5 English Idioms To Use In Real Life[…]

10 Ways To Say Hi In English

Along with “goodbye” and “thank you”, the word “hi” is one of the first words you learn when learning a new language. Isn’t it? I mean, you may not even know anything else, but you know how to say hello. Why do we do that? Is it to be polite? Did you also know that Read more about 10 Ways To Say Hi In English[…]